Evening shadows & sunshine

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It is now October and only six months have passed since, Stable Lodge underwent its transformation to a holiday let – and its popularity has exceeded all our expectations. We didn’t really know what to expect “who would like it and who might not ?” – but we have received such encouraging approval of our welcome host, the view, the deck, the ambience of the interior, “the cosy log stove” and the unexpected combination of privacy, relaxation and freedom. Thank you to all of our guests for thei...

Spring is in the Air

Mid-Balfunning, Thursday, May, 28, 2015. Since opening in April, Stable Lodge, has welcomed a succession of very pleasant and interesting guests – from all parts –from the USA, to the Middle East – and quite a few from the UK! Spring has brought out the daffodils, bluebells, and now the trees are approaching full leaf and the burgeoning  new foliage on the beech hedges makes our morning walk even more pleasant. At this time of year, our lawn and meadow maintenance are in full swing – ...

A Weather for All Seasons

The BBC forecast was a glum prophet of doom –this was our morning walk, and in response, Glennie (Spaniel) took off in great glee! Naturally, he had re-joined me by the end of our circuit – as breakfast beckoned - sitting on the doorstep with that expression which suggests that he had been waiting for me, all the time. The day’s weather continued, with something from every season, from thunderous rain showers, sleet, freezing winds – – and warm sunshine from the bluest April skies. At ...